My Last Love Song

I live in the country and i love it. i enjoy country music, oldies, and classic rock. I love reading and watching movies/tv. some of my favorites are LotR, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Shakepeare, Star Trek, Star wars,stargate, maureen johnson, john green, anne of Green Gables, jostein gaardner, and cs lewis.also, vampire diaries, veronica mars, white collar, wonderfalls, leverage, moonlight,hawaii 50, ncis, doctor who, HIMYM, sherlock, supernatural,new girl, community, the whedonverse, BBT, castle, and many more.

Recently I’ve been jumping onboard ships that I thought were going somewhere, but then I find out the writers didn’t even think they were a ship. Mostly I’m talking about The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Penny. I don’t need them to be a romantic couple if TPTB don’t want to go there. I just think they are delightful together. But TPTB seem to have decided the solution to the Shenelope shippers is to hardly ever have them in a scene together. It’s just odd. Come on! Throw us a bone, so to speak. Look at Leverage. TPTB there have said that Parker/Eliot is not gonna happen but they were still kind enough to give us the above.

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